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Sustainable Tennessee


Tennessee’s population is growing faster than the United States’ population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, from 2000 to 2008, Tennessee’s population grew by 8.97 percent, as compared to a 7.76 percent population increase for the nation. Tennessee also ranks among the top ten states in conversion of farmland to development, a fact that greatly impacts both urban and rural communities. Research and experience show the built environment profoundly influences human health. Fragmented and sprawling communities contribute to car dependency, inactivity, obesity and loneliness, while increasing the demands for housing, services and infrastructure. As communities grow, they benefit from a sustainable approach that fosters economic development, preserves the local environment, and enhances the quality of life.

Sustainability is a strategy that provides for positive growth impacts on the community. Development that is sustainable provides a framework in which communities can use resources efficiently, create effective infrastructures, protect and enhance quality of life, and create new businesses to strengthen their economies. It can help create healthy communities that can sustain the current generation as well as the generations that follow.

2009 Governor's Conference on Economic and Community Development

Creating a Rural Entrepreneurial System in Tennessee (CREST)
Your New Jobs May Be Homegrown
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Scheduled Webinars

Friday September 18, 2009
This webinar discusses the role of housing in creating stronger and healthier communities. Learn the dynamics of housing and how it affects the growth and vitality of communities. Issues affecting housing and housing policy, from the national, state and local levels will be discussed.
Dr. Martha Keel

Friday October 02, 2009
Sustainable Tennessee: The Way Forward
Extension planning activities will be taking place across the State throughout the month of October. This webinar aims to assist Extension personnel, and their partners, with implementation of the Sustainable Tennessee State Action Agenda in their community and region.
Dr. Martha Keel and Dr. Michael D. Wilcox, Jr.

Friday November 20, 2009
Energy issues affect community development today more than ever. As costs rise and demands increase, communities must look for solutions in order meet the needs of all segments of their population. Specific topics covered will include energy sources, renewable energy and energy efficiency. This session provides an educational foundation for more specific future programs.
Dr. Martha Keel

Martha Keel
218 Morgan Hall

Michael Wilcox
314b Morgan Hall

Ann Berry
119 Morgan Hall